There Is A Way Out

As specialists in job search and alternative careers for attorneys, executives and professionals, we have been helping clients find rewarding and lucrative new positions since 1992.

If you are looking to explore your career options, advance in your current track, make a career change or are seeking ways to enhance the revenues from your business, our career and business advisors can help.

We have special expertise in the career and job search issues of those who are in the 50+ age bracket, but we are also extremely well-versed in the career planning and job search needs of those at other stages of their careers.

You may be in mid-career and wondering about your options. Perhaps you are a more senior-level attorney, executive or business owner looking to see what alternative careers may be available to you. You may even be a young professional just starting out and in need of some career planning.

Regardless of your career level, our experts can help.

We have guided several thousand clients through job search or career change campaigns. We have also helped attorneys and other business owners increase their profits and improve the quality of their lives. We are proud to be A+ Rated by the Better Business Bureau.

Our Clients Say…

I felt absolutely helpless because I submitted my resume to so many potential employers and either didn’t get a bite or was ultimately rejected.  I was also certain that I wanted to get out of law but wasn’t sure how to go about doing so, or even whether that was the right career decision for me. I knew even before coming to Career Strategies  that I was a valuable asset  to a company, but I now have a greater recognition of exactly what I do that imparts such value.  I believe that I even feel more validated now in my personal life having a better understanding of who I am and how I work. Just the resume-recrafting services alone are worth it.  Also, it is good simply to have someone listen to your frustrations with your legal career and remind you that, yes, change is indeed possible, and even beneficial.

I wish I could tell more lawyers who feel chained to their current job duties or profession that there is a resource available to them to help them through their frustrations.

Thank you, Pat! You just did!

Put our expertise to work, and we will help put you to work … in the right job, the right organization, at the right compensation and with the right colleagues.

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News Note: Career Strategies founder Bruce Blackwell will be a panelist at a Career Development and Job Search Methods seminar hosted by the New York City Bar Association at 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday, October 8th. The event is open to all members.