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We help people find jobs. But not just any jobs. We help people find the right jobs at the right salaries with the right work/life balance. Imagine how much better your life would be if you actually enjoyed your job. Well, you can. And we can help you. It’s what we do. We have provided career guidance to several thousand clients and are A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau.

Alternative Careers for Lawyers & Executives

We are specialists in job search, particularly alternative careers for lawyers and executives. We have been helping clients find new positions in law, business, non-profits and universities since 1992. If you are looking to see what else is “out there,” to explore your career options, or to move up in your current profession, we can help.

If you feel stuck and don’t know how to begin, begin by calling us. Contact Career Strategies Group for a free initial consultation.

Career Strategies for 50+, 30-somethings and Gen X’s in their 40s

We provide career strategies and job search assistance for experienced professionals. We have special expertise in the unique needs of those over age 50, and have been very successful with those who seek to be changing careers at 50 or older. Our knowledge and resources also help those in the early- or mid-stages of their careers.  We help people make the best choices for their personal and professional growth.

Our services include: * Career testing and assessment to identify alternative career options * Powerful resumes and cover letters  * Aid in finding companies and job leads * Coaching, mentoring and brainstorming  *  Interview preparation and salary negotiation. We also offer low cost Self Help job search tools that include using social media job search options.

If you are a solo practitioner or business owner and are seeking ways to improve your career, increase your revenues and quality of life, our coaches and business advisors can help you, too.


This live webinar will show you how you can get the job you really want and make the money you are really worth by using our tried and tested networking methods that WILL get you consistent results … without wasting your time at dreadfully boring events. Presented by internationally recognized motivational speaker and best-selling author Walt Hampton, and hosted by Career Strategies President Bruce Blackwell, the webinar will show you how to significantly increase your impact and your influence without leaving  your home or office, and how to make networking a powerful and profitable business practice by spending only 20 minutes a day. Whether your goal is more clients or a better job, these techniques will help you realize your objective. Just click on this link and sign up today. . The event takes place at 12 noon EST on Wednesday, Dec. 9. Tickets to this free on-line event are limited, so reserve your place now!

Career Strategies founder Bruce Blackwell recently made a presentation for the National Constitution Center on Alternative Careers for Lawyers and How to Leave the Practice of Law. The presentation immediately preceded one given by U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Stephen Breyer. Blackwell’s 90-minute program qualified for CLE credit in many states. “I am deeply honored to have been invited by such an august organization to share my 24 years of experience counseling lawyers on their career options,” said Blackwell. “I am more than flattered to be involved with an organization with such a distinguished Scholarship Advisory Committee.” The Scholarship Advisory Committee includes Professors or Deans from Harvard Law School, Yale Law School, Stanford Law School, the University of Pennsylvania Law School, the University of Texas at Austin Law School, Princeton and Brown. Other members of the Scholarship Advisory Committee include a present and former member of the U.S. Supreme Court and a former Cabinet Secretary.  “Little did I realize when I started my practice in 1992 that I would one day be speaking at an organization right before an Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court,” Blackwell noted.

The National Constitution Center is the only institution in America established by Congress to “disseminate information about the United States Constitution on a non-partisan basis in order to increase the awareness and understanding of the Constitution.” The Center hosts a wide range of educational programs for the public and for attorneys.

Bruce Blackwell recently conducted two seminars for the Connecticut Bar Association. The first addressed the issues faced by attorneys who have left the practice for a prolonged period of time — typically either for health, business or child-rearing purposes — and who now seek to return to the legal market place. Blackwell has lectured on this topic for the New Directions program at Pace Law School, and at a panel discussion before the Association of the Bar of the City of New York. His lecture dealt with resume issues, modern job search techniques, and how to deal with questions relating to an extended absence from the practice of law.

The second seminar, Effective Resume and Cover Letter writing was a lively, interactive discussion of resume Must Do’s and Must Not Do’s, and included critiques of attendees documents.


We have now added to our website. is a job aggregator that scans the internet and identifies job opportunities through the keywords you select. Your entire on-line job search can now be done directly from the Career Strategies Group website.


Our Clients Say…

I felt absolutely helpless because I submitted my resume to so many potential employers and either didn’t get a bite or was ultimately rejected.  I was also certain that I wanted to get out of law but wasn’t sure how to go about doing so, or even whether that was the right career decision for me. I knew even before coming to Career Strategies  that I was a valuable asset  to a company, but I now have a greater recognition of exactly what I do that imparts such value.  I believe that I even feel more validated now in my personal life …  Just the resume-recrafting services alone are worth it …  I wish I could tell more lawyers who feel chained to their current job duties or profession that there is a resource available to help them.”                                           — Thank you, Pat! You just did!

Put our expertise to work, and we will help put you to work … in a job that makes you feel like what you are doing is worthwhile, fulfilling and intellectually challenging.   Give us a call or send us an email today to see if we can help you. Better yet, just click on this link and make an appointment to learn more.



If you are looking for an informative and entertaining presentation on job search, career strategies and development, Contact us at Career Strategies Group. We offer 30 minute “lunch and learn” programs. We also offer 60 and 90 minute detailed job search and career strategy seminars. We are a available to civic and religious organizations, professional associations, graduate schools and private companies. We also offer half-day and full-day job search and career development programs. If you would like us to develop a powerful presentation for your organization, please give us a call.


If you are a lawyer or executive looking for a new career at 30, 40, 50 or 60, are seeking to change careers or explore a career change, we can help. If you are looking for new jobs in law, are looking at career options, contemplating an alternative career or alternative legal career, or need a life coach, career coach or career counselling in any form, give us a call today! We offer the full range of job search services, including executive and legal resumes, resume distribution to recruiters, leads for legal jobs and attorney jobs, career testing and much, much more.

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