Bored with your current job?
Not sure what else you are qualified to do?
We can tell you.

You did well on the LSATs, got through law school and passed the bar. Congratulations! If you have been working as an attorney for a while now and are starting to say to yourself, “I went to law school for this?,” it may be time to consider your legal career options and alternative legal career possibilities.

If you are an executive or entrepreneur and dread going to work in the morning, or can’t stand it once you’re there because the clients are a pain, the work is boring and you haven’t had time to see your kids growing up, it may be time to consider your career options and possible career alternatives.

We specialize in career change for attorneys and professionals, many of whom have spent 12 to 20 or more years in their current fields. Exploration of realistic career options is our forte.

Many of our clients are middle-aged professionals with mortgages, kids nearing college age and other encumbrances. They neither want nor can afford a reduction in their compensation.  In our experience (remember, we’ve been doing this since 1992), our clients have done as well or better economically in their new careers than they were doing in the old careers.

For those considering a career change, we use proprietary processes to identify transferable skills and to identify economically realistic alternative career possibilities. Most lawyers and executives don’t know what else they are qualified to do, or “what else is out there.” Many don’t even know what they want to do next.

We help them find out.

For those who are interested in a top-line survey of what else they may be able to do given their background and skills, we have a series of “Focus” programs that involve from 3 to 6 hours.

For those who are interested in a more comprehensive assessment of their career options, and who are looking for a new job or new career track that provides the rewards, challenges, satisfaction and compensation that they want and deserve, we have the “Personal Success Profile” programs that involve from 8 to 12 hours.

Your Situation?

Like many people today, you may no longer be deriving satisfaction from your work. You may be good at what you do, even handsomely paid, but you may feel something is missing. Perhaps the work is no longer challenging, or your work life demands aren’t leaving time for your personal life.

Many of our clients initially felt “caught by the law” — because of their salaries or because they didn’t feel qualified to do anything else — but after going through our career testing and assessment process, they discovered that a new professional life is indeed possible, and that there are alternative legal jobs that will be satisfying and fulfilling.

We have found there are often viable, lucrative alternative careers for seasoned legal and business professionals. Our purpose is to identify those career options for you, and then to help you transition successfully into a new attorney or executive job.

Our attorney clients span the legal spectrum. Some are partners or associates at firms like Milbank,Tweed and Skadden Arps. Others are solo practitioners in suburban communities. The rest come from the ranks of in-house counsel, public defenders, prosecutors and government agencies.

Our corporate and professional clients include physicians and executives in marketing, finance, operations and human resources. Their industry backgrounds include financial services, healthcare, manufacturing,  technology, media, hotel/travel, and even professional sports, to name a few. Some come from Fortune 500 companies like IBM and AT&T; others come from small companies or are business owners who want to return to corporate life.

Regardless of their backgrounds, our clients share a desire to explore alternative careers that are either far removed from their current professions, or which use their experience but apply it in new and more rewarding ways.

We can help you determine your viable career alternatives and career options, and then our career counselling professionals can provide the resources, information, techniques, life coaching guidance and tools necessary to help you achieve your career objective and land a great new attorney job or executive position.